10 Amazing Real-World Examples Of How Companies Are Using ChatGPT In 2023

conversational ai example

Conversational AI is fast turning into the most popular technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Each day, more and more businesses are employing it to either manage their team or cater to their customers better — while staying competitive. “We are reimagining all of our core products, including search,” said Sundar Pichai, the boss of Google’s parent company Alphabet. SAS analytics solutions transform data into intelligence, inspiring customers around the world to make bold new discoveries that drive progress. Interact with a helpful chatbot inside a retail web application to help customers encounter a smooth experience while returning their purchases.

The European Business Review is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by acting on information provided on this website by its authors or clients. No reviews should be taken at face value, always conduct your research before making financial commitments. Laetitia Cailleteau – Laetitia leads the Data and Artificial Intelligence Europe group at Accenture and the Conversational AI domain globally, driving innovation, sales and delivery for multiple industries and clients around the world. Developer reaction is mixed, ranging from “can’t wait to try it” to “Why are we trying to get structured output out of something that was specifically designed to produce natural-language output? ” There are also plenty of other projects which address the same problem, not least Microsoft’s own Guidance project.

How good is OpenAI ChatGPT?

Its versatility enables it to be applied across different domains and use cases. If you’re not satisfied with the initial response, you can experiment with rephrasing your input or providing more specific instructions to guide the model. One example of how this works at scale is Cendyn’s new AI call center integration, created with Poly AI. The streamlined system embeds AI into the call center to respond naturally to certain queries, which reduces wait times and provides more personalized service at scale – especially for loyalty members.

  • With this, we can see that any company wanting to engage in a radically different manner with their customers can use chatbots.
  • The cost of implementing the solution will vary depending on your method of delivery.
  • With a wide range of AI-based conversational chatbots and language models available on the market today that you can integrate with mobile apps, choosing the best one for your mobile product can be difficult.
  • It is difficult to say precisely how much your business can expect to save when you adopt a conversational AI solution.
  • MVMT, a fashion-brand that develops watches and sunglasses and especially targets millennials, uses this strategy to great effect with their chatbot use case.

It is crucial to remember that ChatGPT is an AI language model and may not always provide accurate or reliable information. Users should verify information conversational ai example from trusted sources and not solely rely on the model’s responses. While interacting with users, OpenAI ChatGPT does not store any personal data.

How chatbots relate to conversational AI

For lead generation, the primary method customers offer companies is a lead generation form. While this is a good option, the chance of converting your customers with a lead generation form is between 2.5% to 5%. While this is a respectable conversion rate, businesses should also apply the ‘second net’ strategy, which is effective for those website visitors who do not convert with landing pages and forms. In the above screenshot, you can see a demonstration of how a survey chatbot works. The company’s chatbot asks the customer if they would like to participate in the survey. They can simply choose from the ‘options’ provided under the question to move through the survey.


These systems take into account factors such as the context of the conversation, the user’s intent, and the history of the conversation. Developers can work around these limitations by adding a contingency to their chatbot application that routes the user to another resource (such as a live agent) or prompts a customer for a different question or issue. Some chatbots can move seamlessly through transitions between chatbot, live agent, and back again. As AI technology and implementation continue to evolve, chatbots and digital assistants will become more seamlessly integrated into our everyday experience.

By employing such a system, companies will see more leads generated compared to a simple lead generation form. Plus, it doesn’t matter how much a business ‘requests’ a customer to take part in your survey. Customers can simply enter their product’s shipping ID there and get a status update. Customers have to go through their email to find the shipping number of the product they bought, then go to the company’s website from where they bought the product. Then they have to go to the delivery service’s website to enter the shipping number.

conversational ai example

Live across 15 markets, and with chat and voice capability spread across 7 channels, averaging over 300 million conversations per year, TOBi is Vodafone’s flagship digital agent. While its name and brand is similar across Vodafone, Tobi capabilities, implementation, behaviour and look and feel varies in the different Vodafone local markets. Regardless of which solution organizations begin with, the Digital Contact Center Platform https://www.metadialog.com/ will provide interoperability between them. As we continue to bring Nuance Mix and Power Virtual Agents closer together on the Digital Contact Center Platform, their strengths will make powerful conversational AI solutions even easier and faster to build. And as ever, our commitment to protecting your current investments is thanks to backward compatibility and a clear, disruption-free migration path to any future solutions.

Enterprise Viewpoint

And of course, in the same way, a chatbot can make a refund, it can also process item exchanges as well. Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and a sale is a customer’s inability to perform a simple action themselves in order to find what they want and make a buying decision. For example, PVR Cinemas own one of the largest chains of movie conversational ai example theatres in India. And on their website, you’ll find a chatbot that helps visitors quickly book movie tickets, view offers, and leave feedback. In this article, we look at what conversational AI is, where it differs from previous Chatbot technologies and how it works. We also briefly examine the ways conversational AI benefits your organisation.

While they are important, tools like IVR lack a good flow of conversation, if used on their own. Instead, conversational AI tools—like AI chatbots and virtual assistants—facilitate helpful, human-like conversations and responses that can help both customers and agents. Over time, the user gets quicker and more accurate responses, improving the experience while interacting with the machine. Before generating the output, the AI interacts with integrated systems (the businesses’ customer databases) to go through the user’s profile and previous conversations. This helps in narrowing down the answer based on customer data and adds a layer of personalisation to the response.

How is conversational AI used in education?

With AI-driven virtual study groups, students can connect with other classmates. They can also collaborate on projects or ask questions as needed. These systems use natural language processing (NLP) to understand conversations between students. As a result, they provide assistance or guidance when needed.